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BYOD Management Made Easier with IP Communications

April 17, 2014

When BlackBerry (News - Alert) phones hit the market, businesses rushed to dole them out to their workforce as a means to stay working while on the go. As devices got smarter, the idea of putting devices in the hands of employees became a rather expensive thing to do. While these gadgets were likely reserved for upper management and those higher up the corporate ladder, purchasing, maintaining and keeping these things secure became an IT headache that put a dent in the communications budget.

We’re in an era now where devices are smart enough that businesses can allow employee-owned handhelds to act as work ones. This trend known as bring your own device (BYOD) is gaining momentum, but it’s not without its challenges.

BYOD is a movement powered by users. IT departments typically controlled the mobile devices were allowed on the corporate floor, however the shoe is now on the other foot. Today’s dynamic mobile ecosystem spoils the average user with an overabundance of choices. They pick mobile devices and conveniently use them to access corporate and personal emails, applications and documents.

To deal with security challenges, IT departments are putting policies in place to better handle the growing security concerns that come along with non-corporate devices.

Many organizations are implementing policies to establish acceptable use standards for consumer technologies in the workplace. It is up to IT managers to develop a policy to help mitigate the risks with BYOD. Software solutions, for example, can help manage security needs.

Believe it or not, an IP communications system can be of assistance when it comes to maintaining a BYOD program.

A hosted PBX (News - Alert) phone system, for example, enables end-user's to make and receive calls using their business identity, from their personal smartphones (BYOD). This will empowers the mobile workforce, as they will have all the functionality of using an office PBX phone on the road, safely and securely, all on their own device.

As we rush towards a more BYOD-friendly era, organizations are looking for ways to control smartphone usage and costs. With the right IP communications solution, IT departments can track and manage mobile usage even on personal devices.

Edited by Alisen Downey