IP Communications Featured Articles

Vertical Helps Fill the Voice Call CRM Gap
The relationship between phone calls and customers has always seemed like a strong one-when one imagines customer service, there is likely an agent speaking into a desk phone conjured in that mental picture. But simply talking on the phone is only one piece of the voice call puzzle when it comes to understanding the customer experience, as the ability to fully analyze and understand the content of such calls enables to businesses to make intelligent and informed decisions about how to improve service. While the technology exists, a surprising number of businesses aren't taking full advantage. This is where Vertical Communications comes in.

Panasonic Announces New Hybrid-Cloud Platform
The cloud is building momentum. Reports are stacking up on the benefits the cloud offers as well as its growing adoption rates. As many businesses choose cloud solutions one model gaining particular attention is the hybrid-cloud by offering the 'best of both worlds' to the enterprise.

NTT Fortifies Security with Fortinet
The buzz surrounding cloud migration may mean higher adoption, but as the line from Spider Man goes, "With great power comes great responsibility." And as more and more providers are cloud-bound with offerings, security must stay top of mind. Reports on the need for greater security are released at frightening pace today, one provider taking this threat quite seriously is NTT Communications as it announced today that it has partnered with Fortinet to secure NTT's cloud managed services.

ITEXPO Breakout Session Taps into the True Value of Unified Communications
There's no disputing the explosive growth of unified communications (UC) for business. Just consider the fact that worldwide revenue in the UC segment grew 27 percent from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014, according to Infonetics Research. UC has also been a hot topic among keynote speakers during ITEXPO 2015, happening now throughout January 30 in Miami, Florida. From Digium CEO Danny Windham to Mitel CEO Rich McBee, UC has been on the tip of the tongue of some of the industry's biggest and most influential players.